Why are Mercedes Benz cars so expensive?

Why are Mercedes Benz cars so expensive? by Robert Bob

Answer by Robert Bob:

It’s due to several reasons.

First is the brand. Most cars made today can have heated seats. Even a basic Toyota. But when someone asks you what you drive, the word “Mercedes” makes a massive impression.

Next is production. Mercedes makes most of their own parts (save a few), in Germany. It’s much more expensive to produce there rather than somewhere else with cheaper labor. But this generally results in higher quality.

Luxury. No words can define this. Yes, it’s real.

If anything else, its also the attention to detail. There are hours of work put into crafting each individual AMG engine. Only one person does the whole entire engine by hand. They even sign their name on it when they finish.

hope this helped!

I do not own any of these pictures.

EDIT: I’d like to add customer service. When you go to a Mercedes Benz dealer, whether it's to service your car or to buy a new one, you can expect employees to be patient, dedicated, and experienced.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that when you buy a car, you not only buy the car itself, but also the history of Mercedes Benz and its accomplishments. You buy all that the company stands for, along with its motto of “The best, or nothing.”

Why are Mercedes Benz cars so expensive?


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