What joke will make one burst into laughter for at least 30 seconds?

What joke will make one burst into laughter for at least 30 seconds? by Nilav Vaghasiya

Answer by Nilav Vaghasiya:

An elder woman barges into a very high class bank with ₹ 10 lakh in cash and stands in the queue for depositing the money. On her turn , the banker is shocked to see the huge amount of cash and calls the manager .

Bank manager being a gentleman, asks the woman to have a seat inside his office and starts interrogating about the source of the money.

This is how the conversation goes…

Manager : “ Madam, from where did you get this huge amount of cash?

Lady: “ These are my earnings”

Manager: “You mean savings?

Lady: “ No , I have earned them

Manager: “ I dont believe you! What is your profession?

Lady: “I bet on situations and they always turn into my favour. And hence I collect the reward.”

Manager: “ What nonsense!”

Lady : “ Its true! How about we bet?”

Manager: “No , I dont bet or gamble.”

Lady : “I ll offer you ₹ 1 lakh to prove that your hair is fake and you have a wig on your head”

Manager starts laughing

Manager: “ Madam , are you sure you wanna bet on it?”

Lady : “ Yes.. I strongly feel your hair is fake and if i am proven wrong I will pay you ₹ 1 lakh”

Manager gets greedy and accepts the bet .

Lady: “ But wait ! We need a legal witness for our bet! Otherwise it will be unfair!”

Manager: “ Yes , Sure”

Lady: “ I will bring my lawyer tommorow to become my witness.”

Manager agrees and becomes happy from inside as he knows he is going to win the bet.

Next day..

Lady is accompanied by her lawyer. Manager greets them and takes them inside his office .

Manager: “ Madam , I would like to make a statement that my hair is real and I am ready to undergo any inspection from your side.

Lady goes closer to the manager .

Lady : “ Can I pull your hair to check them?”

Manager: “ Yes , sure you can pull them however you want and they wont rip off my head!

Lady start pulling his hair in literally everyway possible. The manager ,while trying to hide his pain, looks at the lawyer . The lawyer had started banging his head with the wall and was crying furiously. Seeing this manager asked the lady .

Manager : “ Why is he crying and banging his head? It is me who is in pain!

Lady smiles .

Lady: “I had a bet with the lawyer . I told him that I can pull the hair of the manager who works inside that big high class bank! The bet amount was ₹ 5 lakh . Poor guy lost it!

The manager was flabbergasted.

Lady : “ Told you that I bet for a living ! And here is your ₹1 lakh in cash..”

She left with a smile along with the sad lawyer.

Image used for representation purpose only. Image source : Google

What joke will make one burst into laughter for at least 30 seconds?


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