Is it good to be somewhat selfish?

Is it good to be somewhat selfish? by Phillip Michael Mpalabule

Answer by Phillip Michael Mpalabule:

This is Wayne Rooney. He plays for Manchester United Football Club.

You may or may not know him. His natural position is the No. 9 role. This position is for the goal scorer/striker.

At 18, he was so good and showed a lot of promise. He was talented and was capable of playing in multiple positions. He was the best talent England had seen for generations.

His undoing was his ability to play in multiple positions. Wayne Rooney, a striker, has spent half his career playing in midfield simply because his passing is excellent and his game reading is wonderful. He was the one played out of position whenever the manager wanted to accommodate another striker.

Now he is in the twilight years of his career. He is 31. Has never been awarded best player of the year. Has never won top scorer. And the same people who played him out of position, are criticising him now.

This is Cristiano Ronaldo. He plays for Real Madrid. His natural position is the wing.

You must be familiar with his name. He was a wonderful talent when he was a young boy at Manchester United. He was 19 when Rooney was 18. He was considered a lesser talent to Rooney. They played together.

Because of his goal scoring prowess coaches have tried to play him in different positions and every single time he has refused.

He only plays on the wing. He is considered selfish because he wants to be the one scoring all the goals.

At 32, he is considered the best player in the world.

Had Wayne Rooney been a little selfish, and stuck to playing his natural position, things would have been different. Sometimes, you have to put yourself first.

The easiest way to fail, is to try pleasing everyone.

Is it good to be somewhat selfish?


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