What makes you sad about India?

What makes you sad about India? by Shahbaz Pathan

Answer by Shahbaz Pathan:

Recently this person is trending on Internet. His name is Hero Alom. People are making fun of his appearance but nobody really knows about his struggle, difficulties he faced.

These days, Hero Alom is making a lot of noise in social media. After reading about this person, I have nothing but great respect for him.

His real name is Ashraful Alom. He lives in Erulia Union of Bogra district where he runs a successful cable TV business called Sokal-Sondha Cable Network. His father was a chanachur seller and was quite successful. Ashraful was 10 years old when his father remarried and abandoned him and his mother. To support himself and his mother, Ashraful started CD cassette business . Because of the hardship, he could not continue his study. He failed in the exam in class VII and dropped out of school. He used to earn 70–80 Taka per month.

A person named Abdur Razzak who used to live in the same village was a regular customer to Ashraful’s video shop. He grew very close to Ashraful and later adopted Ashraful.

In the meantime, cable TV came to the village and Ashraful decided to start his own cable television business. Abdur Razzak also helped Ashraful. His business took off.

It was Ashraful’s long cherished dream to be a hero. He knew that he neither had the look nor the physique but it did not dent his spirit. In 2008, Ashraful produced his first music video and released it in his cable TV network. People liked his music videos. Over the years, he produced 500 music videos. He does everything script, music. He bore all the expenses for the videos.

After seeing his videos on Youtube, many contacted him and offered him to work in music videos. According to recent news report published on Channel i Online, Hero Alom recently got offers to work in a short film, two TV dramas and TV commercials. He even sang a rap song which will be released soon. He even got offers to go abroad to work. He got an offer to work in USA. His entire team would go and stay in USA for two months. He got offer to go to Singapore. He made a music video based on one of the movie songs of Salman Khan.

To me Hero Alom is a true “Hero” in every aspect. He faced great difficulties and overcame them. His struggled since he was ten. In his situation, any person would have become a drug addict, or hoodlum and it is very common in Bangladesh but Hero Alom became none of that. He worked hard and became a successful businessman and then went on to fulfill his long cherished dream of modeling.

But how do we represent him?? Something like this


Edit : Many people commented that he is not a good actor, he should atleast wear good clothes & good shoes , quality of his video is very bad etc etc etc.

I would like to say that let his audience decide all these things and we are not his audience. If his audience likes his acting, his videos, his clothes & shoes, then we don't have any right to say anything about him.

What makes you sad about India?


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