Life Advice: How can I make my life simpler?

Life Advice: How can I make my life simpler? by Ankita Chavan

Answer by Ankita Chavan:

  • Delete/deactivate your Instagram/Facebook accounts: Yeah, its damn important. Most of us can’t stop checking other people’s profile and status updates and even if we want to avoid few people everything comes in our feed. Damn irritating!
  • Change your last seen setting on WhatsApp to nobody: Sometimes we keep on checking for someone’s last seen and expect a simple message of ‘Hi’. We also have an option of ‘Send. Rather we can message whenever its actually needed. Definitely far better from checking someone’s last seen now and then.
  • Stop thinking too much: I know most of us think a lot about every small things but the result is nothing. Its just a waste of time and nothing more. Give some time for analyzing things but only if we get some solutions and not confusions. Overthinking makes things complicated.
  • Avoid getting too much attached to people: Don’t get too much attached to a person. It will hurt you on someday. I am not saying that people are bad but sometimes we get too attached to a person and just can’t stop ourselves to expect. Expectations always hurt.
  • If you want to do something, do it now..there is no tomorrow: Sometimes we keep on waiting for a right time and most of the times it never comes. So don’t wait. Go ahead. Do whatever you want.
  • Stop regretting your past: Your past has passed and will never come back. So its better if you let it go. Your present time is opportunity. Grab it.
  • Enjoy your own company. Trust me, no one can understand you better than yourself: Don’t get too much dependent on anyone. No one is going to stay forever with you. Remember that your worth for yourself.
  • Give your career as first priority: The only thing which will last with you till the end is your education. Its prior than anything.
  • Adapt change: Things change with time and the only thing that remains constant is change. One must adapt it. (Thanks Abhishek Bhagat for your suggestion )

I personally follow all the mentioned points. It has made my life simpler than before. Hope it works. Thank you!

P.s. The first point is for those who waste their most of time on social networking sites and that’s why can’t focus on their life properly. If you can manage it, no need to delete it. Never mind. Cheers:)

Life Advice: How can I make my life simpler?


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