Who has the coolest corporate office building in Bengaluru?

Who has the coolest corporate office building in Bengaluru? by Prajwal Pandurangi

Answer by Prajwal Pandurangi:

I must say its The Flipkart Main Office !!

I feel proud to work in here, as you all know Flipkart has many office in Bangalore. But only few people have seen the main office of Flipkart from where Sachin and Binny work and almost 80% of the employees work.

The building is a regal black glass-concrete skyscraper, and has Flipkart’s new logo tastefully positioned at the top.

On prominent display are pictures of legends in several fields of achievement, including Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, John Lennon and Steven Spielberg.

Some hallways are designed like running tracks, and the Olympic logo is thrown in for good measure.

The working areas look roomy and colourful.

There are also lots of breakout zones where employees can gather and ideate.

We even have a cozy little library.

Flipkart hasn’t forgotten its beginnings as an online bookseller, and this piece of artwork seems to be a tribute.

The building is peppered with quirky installations, keeping with Flipkart’s youthful work culture.

And predictably, we are quite high on the geek quotient too.

It just isn’t all fun and games. There are some classy elements as well.

We creatively played with the lighting, which is very unique for an office building.

And finally when it’s time to unwind, the employees can play a game of miniature golf.

It’s always fun and joy while working at Flipkart.

Who has the coolest corporate office building in Bengaluru?


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