Why will there be only one Rahul Dravid?

Why will there be only one Rahul Dravid? by Swanand Hegde

Answer by Swanand Hegde:

One thing stands out about Dravid is he never criticises anybody, atleast not in public. He always talks positively about everybody be it his teammates, about coaches, about selectors and even opponents .

I can remember few incidents where anyone else in his place would have reacted strongly.

  1. When he was dropped from ODI team in 2007, he did not react at all. Dravid was actually not in that bad a form to be axed and he was a top player at that point of time yet he did not complain. Even some ex players like Sandeep Patil had told that it was the conspiracy of Vengasarkar, the head selector then, that lead to the axing of Dravid.

The Tribune, Chandigarh, India

Never came across any sport celebrity or anyone in my life who has so much focus over what he does. He always ignored the trivial issues and focused on his game. No wonder he could spend so much time in the crease.

2. Dravid declared when Sachin was on 194 in Multan test, Sachin openly said in press conference that he was very angry over the decision and he even wrote about it in his book, but even after all these years Dravid not once pointed fingers at Sachin over it. I personally feel declaration was a good decision, but that's not the point whether it was right or wrong. It was just amazing to see Dravid never reacting to it, if he had given a strong reaction back, the friendship between the two would have gone bitter. And it would have been very bad for Indian cricket.

Why will there be only one Rahul Dravid?


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