What are some tips & tricks to burn fat faster?

What are some tips & tricks to burn fat faster? by Durgesh Yadav

Answer by Durgesh Yadav:

I have mentioned some exercises which are fat burning focused. Doing these exercises 3–4 times a week with increase in number of sets can really do wonder for your extra fat. All you have to do is to get stick to the these exercises other than eating on low fat foods and beverages. Cut sugar and alcohol in your diet. Keep track of what you eat. Here I have written an article on how calorie counter helps in your fat loss goal. Give it a read. I am 100% sure it would make you very diet focused.

1. Burpees : Do 3 sets of 10 reps. Do them carefully, don’t hurt yourself. Stretch before you do.

2. Jumping jacks : Very simple exercise, do 3 sets of 30 each. Or start it by 20 in the first set and increase by 5 in the next.

3. Squats : There can be a lot of variation depending upon the muscles you wanna work upon. There are Squat jacks, simple squats, Hindu squats etc.

4. Mountain climberTry doing that with variations. It is good for your upper body as well as abdomen and lower body.

Now coming down to your nutritional guidance.

Fitso, Myfitnesspal are good apps where you get good services in this order of quality. They have a calorie counter where you can log in your daily meals, to know your calorie burn and intake, which will help you maintain balance between them. Fitso also provides home workouts and weight loss programs, which you can follow at home. In this way you can track both your calorie intake and calorie burn, which will help you maintain balance between them and create the necessary calorie deficit for your goal.! You may as well hire a fitness coach and a nutritionist from Fitso. Its I guess some 1000 per month for both. there is a free trial going too. In any case, I’ll leave that decision upto you. You can follow the above and it will help you greatly, but do track your diet.

Regularity, discipline and self control are must for your goal.

What are some tips & tricks to burn fat faster?


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