Why does Bangalore have the biggest number of supercars in India?

Why does Bangalore have the biggest number of supercars in India? by Darshan Putta

Answer by Darshan Putta:

No. Bangalore is not the city with the most number of exotics. Mumbai is.

  • A fleet of high end marques arriving at the venue during the Parx Supercar Drive in Mumbai.

But Bangalore, as a city, is a more….super car friendly place. The car culture at Bengaluru is great too.

Let me explain. Bangalore, due to it's relatively planned road network and reasonably educated city population, the traffic isn't as bad as Mumbai. People do follow things like lane discipline in Bengaluru.

This allows the super car owners to bring their toys out into the city more often and this results in more supercar sightings.

  • Pictures taken at a Lamborghini “Brunch & Drive” event in Bengaluru. Bengaluru has Mumbai beat where the Lambos are concerned.
  • Yes, that's close to 17 Lamborghinis at one place in Bengaluru. You don't get that at Mumbai.

Mumbai, being a city of badly paved roads with densely packed, and unruly traffic, has the owners scared for their precious toys thereby making their exotics into “Garage queens” (Can't blame them. A ding on a Lamborghini isn't cheap, by anybody's standards).

I'll put it this way, Mumbai may have more cars of the same type but Bengaluru has a much larger variety when it comes to supercars. (And super bikes too)

One thing has to be said though. Bengaluru beats mumbai for the sheer diversity (of super cars) and the car culture.

The city (Bengaluru) sure has some expensive and equally exotic rides.

  • 1 – 500 globally manufactured and 1 – 1 in the country. This Rosso Mars Lamborghini Aventador Roadster LP750–4 that's at a stately home in Bengaluru is the only Aventador Roadster SV in India (or an SV, for that matter). Bought and paid for (none of that CARNET malarkey).
  • The very exclusive purchase “by Invite-only” Ferrari 458 Speciale is one of its kind in the country. Calls Bengaluru it's home.

Why does Bangalore have the biggest number of supercars in India?


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