What are some of the strangest facts about famous movies?

What are some of the strangest facts about famous movies? by @AdvaitDeogade

Answer by Advait Deogade:

The Dark Knight

Joker – Heath Ledger

  • Who Was Matilda in Reality?

Joker’s short role as a nurse went unnoticed. No one recognized the name tag on the nurse, it read Matilda. Heath Ledger’s daughters name is Matilda Ledger.

Matilda Ledger!

  • After the Role, Heath had a new Habit

Heath’s Rolling Tongue Habit After The Role.

While playing the role of joker, Heath developed funny set of habits. One of them was tongue rolling which may be the outcome of the distinguished make-up on Heath’s face.

  • Heath Was a Director As Well

The scene in which a person’s footage is shown on TV, being held under Joker’s custody was actually directed by Heath himself.

There Were Two Directors in a Movie?

  • Heath Was a Make Up Artist Too?

It was suggested by Heath that the joker’s hands should be painted white to show that he did his make-up himself. It was definitely done to add a natural touch to joker’s role.

An Artist, A Director With His Own Creative Ideas!

  • Smiley Face on Windscreen

The bullet holes in the windshield as a result of the death of Joker’s driver form a smiley face. This was the scene of the car chase where joker ends up driving.

Did You Notice?

  • Heath Ledger Was a Standout From Day 1

The role of joker has been played before by other Joker actors, but Heath Ledger became the youngest of them to accomplish this task.

Youngest Perfectionist!

  • Matilda’s Blow Up Was Unscripted!

The unrealistic pause when the joker tries to blow apart the hospital was written in the script but Joker’s actions while playing with the detonator were unscripted.

Hospital Blow Up Scene- Unscripted!

  • Dedication For The Best Shot

In the scene where Batman interrogates the joker, it was instructed by Heath ledger that the Batman beats him as hard as possible so as to achieve the real feeling out of the scene.

Giving in The Best Shot

  • Adopting In The Character

It is said that Heath secluded himself in a motel room for six weeks. This isolation developed the real joker sensation by providing the deep voice, tics and savage laughter.

Preparation is the key to success!

  • Tragic Demise of Heath Ledger

Surprisingly, Heath Ledger was nominated as the best supporting actor Oscar winning on the first anniversary of his death, i.e. in 2009.

Joker never died, but left many fans breathless after actor’s death.

Gone. But etched in our memories forever!!

What are some of the strangest facts about famous movies?


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