What will happen if I stop eating added sugar for a year?

What will happen if I stop eating added sugar for a year? by David Dahan

Answer by David Dahan:

My wife did something similar… almost a year now and NO sugar. NONE what so ever (except from fruits etc).
I can speak on behalf of my wife – though I personally cut my sugar in 90%.

I don’t eat sugar in it’s sugar form… but I do eat a cookie/piece of cake every morning with my coffee.
I don’t put sugar in my coffee though… I don’t put sugar in anything.
In fact , we don’t even have sugar at home anymore… but I do use honey sometimes.

Just for the sake of comparison – I used to put 3 sugars in my coffee… I reduced it to ZERO.
I don’t eat bread anymore… no corn… hardly any rice (only in sushi) … nothing like that. I eat only fish and veggies and fruits. Rarely meat… maybe once -twice a month.

Now , my wife… she cut sugar most of her sugar intake all together.
And I can tell you – after almost a year… she’s never felt or looked better !
And she is full of energy – she was never sick the entire year… her immune system is obviously stronger than ever – and she feels great.
ME TOO… though I did not cut sugar 100%… but already see a big difference.


I don’t see any bad effect on our lives since we stopped eating it.
Now days I read the ingredients of everything I put into my body – anything with sugar – I avoid… Anything with high-fructose corn syrup I immediately DESTROY … that’s the worst!
And almost everything now days has it… so you need to be very careful with what you eat/drink.

It annoys me that some companies have stopped using corn syrup – and now using regular sugar and they are PROUD of it… as if Sugar is something GOOD… just because it’s less bad than high fructose corn syrup.

To summarize – my wife is healthier now than she ever was. She’s 33 years old and looks and feels great – all because of her diet ! all organic – and some vitamins to compliment her diet.

I cannot recommend it enough !
Not for 1 year… for your ENTIRE life. I intend to start 2017 with NO SUGAR… change my diet once & for all , and follow my wife foot steps.
I hope you do it too !!

This is not just a woman of 37 years but a mother of 4 kids !
She has the body of a 22 years old model too… who NEEDS SUGAR anyway ??! 😉

I want to add something… I agree with everyone’s comments.
I was referring to “added sugar” – not natural sugar… we still eat fruit etc.
I even eat honey and rice in sushi… we’re not 100% no sugar. Obviously.

I wasnt talking about MYSELF at all here… I know I still eat sugar.
But my wife cut added sugar from her diet – and I am mostly talking about SUGAR as an ingredient. She doesn’t eat anything that sugar was added to it… if the label say sugar in any form – she will not eat it. She doesn’t eat bread or rice either… but she DOES eat fruit & veggies. We are not against everything sweet… we are against SUGAR specifically.

What I am trying to encourage is being AWARE of what you eat – READING THE LABEL – and discourage people from eating too much sugar.

Me & my wife BOTH know we still get some sugar – we are not fooling ourselves and we don’t want other people to stop eating it all together either… that’s not the goal here.
But if you cut everything that says SUGAR on it – or Corn Syrup or anything like that – you will be in the right direction of being healthier.

We are both in full health – we feel better – we hardly get sick & we look younger than we are… no one ever believe we have 4 kids.
My oldest daughter is 19 years old… no one believe we are “that old”… 😉
Especially looking at my wife…

And that’s all I was trying to promote here – EAT HEALTHIER – LOOK & FEEL BETTER – LIVE LONGER !

Don’t cut sugar all together – just AVOID eating all the crap out there that has so much sugar in it…
I mean, our kids don’t even know what Coca Cola is… they never drank any soda … we never had it in our home… but they drink Orange Juice.
Is that as BAD as Coca Cola ??! I think not… does it not have sugar ?? it does… but it’s a much better sugar…

Start by not drinking Sodas… then not adding sugar to your coffee… and slowly go from there…
Surprisingly , your body gets used to it.
When I first stopped drinking Sprite – I missed that… I “needed” a soda… that’s what I thought. But after 6 months – I don’t even think about it… when I see it – it doesn’t make me feel like I want to drink one…
I do drink SODA water… I love Perrier. And my taste buds have CHANGED… I used to think it’s a boring drink… now I love it. I feel taste I haven’t felt before…

Same thing with Coffee.
I used to drink it with 3 sugars… I kid you not.
Now I drink with ZERO sugar which before was horrible to me… I could have not drank it … but now I CAN and I actually taste the coffee better and I love it better… my “taste” has changed … slowly but it did… and it taste good to me now , without added sugar.

Try it & you’ll see.
We are a living proof that it IS healthier for you… we are healthier now than a year ago… my doctor can vouch for it 🙂

What will happen if I stop eating added sugar for a year?


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