Who is the most badass Minister of Modi’s Cabinet, and why?

Who is the most badass Minister of Modi's Cabinet, and why? by Abhay Singh

Answer by Abhay Singh:

Nitin Gadkari

  1. He may not come from IIT/IIM (bcoz some writers have given reference of education so i'm rebutting them) but he sure knows how to get work done by bending the rules not breaking the rules
  2. He is popular for fastening the pace of work using the late night meetings to interact with concerned bank and officials which are hesitant to start it , so he takes them into confidence by sometimes even threatening to take action against them.
  3. He is so in love with highways and express ways , he had built a large web of them during his tenure as transport minister in Maharashtra govt in 1995, bcoz of that he got title of Rodkari in Maharashtra.
  4. He is not afraid in taking risky decisions , he is not junior to modi but he has been senior to modi thus modi also takes his counsel in imp matters thus he is more fierce in taking decision than other ministers.
  5. He is being regarded as no. 1 minister in each survey of news agencies on top 5 ministers of modi govt
  6. Last thing is his credibility among opposition is very good ,he has been known to be generous to them when they ask any favour from him, even kejriwal apologize to him in person for the defamation case makes him the most bad ass minister in modi cabinet Redirect Notice [1].


[1] https://www.google.co.in/searchb…

Who is the most badass Minister of Modi's Cabinet, and why?

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