Have you ever found a photo of you used in an unexpected way?

Have you ever found a photo of you used in an unexpected way? by @gmc10000

Answer by Girish Mallenahally:

My photo hangs in the lobby at Intuit India Product Development Center.

Yeah and it's a life-size photo!

My family and friends posed with it when they came to see me!

Wait, it's not over yet !!!

If you ever happen to go to the Intuit office and when you get off the elevator on the 7th floor, you will see another photo of me looking at you. GPS Coordinates if you want to visit – Latitude: 12.924815 | Longitude: 77.680174

It's almost a life-size photo too.

They are 9-year-olds now but life-size photo was never in my bucket list.


Okay, I saw some comments asking how I got my life-size photo but I don't know what was the criteria of choosing “this one”. Let me try –

  • First of all, there are better looking employees than me and I was definitely not chosen for looks!
  • I was the 25th employee to be hired for Intuit India and over the next 10 years more than 1000 employees have been hired. There are four such life-size photos but none of the 24 employees who joined before me feature in the photos.
  • I have most number of patents granted/pending for Intuit India Product Development Center and among top 5 inventors for Intuit worldwide. But – this all happened over the last 10 years. ininventor:"Girish Mallenahally Channakeshava" – Google Search
  • Founder of Intuit Mr. Scott Cook and I have been granted a patent we co-invented. By the way, according to Forbes, there are 1,810 billionaires in the world as of 1 Mar 2016 and he is one among them.

That’s us together during a meeting.

Have you ever found a photo of you used in an unexpected way?


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