What are some of the most intelligent crimes committed in India?

What are some of the most intelligent crimes committed in India? by @OttoRoze

Answer by Otto Roze:

It happened to me from the last tuesday.

I made advertisement on OLX to sell my motorcycle before i returned to my country. For 3 days i received a lot of messages, but there was one guy about 1km away, who wanted to meet. So at our first meeting we were discussing about bike and negotiating the price. Problem was, i didn't have the NOC papers (necessary to register the bike to the next owner) so he said he will think of something.

We then set up a meeting for the coming day.

So next morning he offered to take me to the local notary and do the paperwork, but he insisted, that he wants to pay before the paperwork, so i wouldn't have to worry whether or not I'm gonna sell it to him. What he told me was: “i trust you as a man and i believe you won't cheat me”. (Now here is the trick that he makes himself as the one in a risky situation) Because of demonetisation, he wanted to pay some amount in cash and the other via bank transfer. He gave me the cash, and the next morning we met with the notary. Also, i must mention that he texted in the evening that the payment has been made, but i shouldn't worry that money comes from another persons account (as he said, his employee).

Next morning we went to the notary, in presence of the advocate I (foolishly believing he made the payment) told that we have exchanged the money and bike,settled all the papers and then left.

Then he took me to a nice restaurant for some food. We talked about life, he told me about his businesses and said that he is investing about 15 lakhs in some local business and that he will leave tomorrow to visit some bank in order to get the money.

From that day i was the one running after him (in whatsapp messages) and asking for transaction details etc..

Now, i know many of you would say that this is all my fault and i should never have given him the bike before receiving 100 % payment, but please take into account that this guy was a professional con-artist.

So here i am in Gokarna main beach, sitting with indians and enjoying some free roasted fish..

UPDATE 17.01

A friend of my find out he is still using same number for whatsapp. She sent a message, thretenig him. Another friend of mine from Delhi is making up text, as he was a police officer.

I want to thank for all the support and advices, and if you have a spare time, you would do a HUGE thing if you could send a message to this guy acting as officer from your state!

His name is Anup Kumar Lakh, from Himachal Pradesh. His number is 0091 9736688633

Thank you so much!

What are some of the most intelligent crimes committed in India?


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