What is the biggest mindfuck ever?

What is the biggest mindfuck ever? by Jeeshan Khetrapal

Answer by Jeeshan Khetrapal:

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field – The most important image ever taken by humanity

The image above is full of galaxies. These are the galaxies found by the Hubble Telescope by pointing at a seemingly empty spot in the sky. The telescope was purposely directed far away from the glare produced by stars in the Milky Way, any source of light in the resulting view had to come from galaxies. Every dot, smudge, smear that you can see in this picture is an entire galaxy.

The point to ponder on is since there are so many galaxies in the universe this makes a highly probable fact that we are not alone in this universe, that there is a high possibility of intelligent life existing in one of the planets among all those galaxies.

This really shows our size and place in the universe.

What is the biggest mindfuck ever?


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