Why is it said that terrorists don’t mess up with Russia?

Why is it said that terrorists don't mess up with Russia? by Mahi Shashank

Answer by Mahi Shashank:

  1. Because Russia doesn't mess with terrorist groups …..like USA
  2. For example : USA funded and created Taliban after doing that USA made Taliban the villan and messed with them and alquieda took down the twin towers for that
  3. And USA funded the Isis in the beginning and now they are fighting against them
  4. Unlike USA ….Russia doesn't care about Muslims or terrorsit ……so terrorists also don't care about Russia ….
  5. In Syria RUSSIANS are bombing ISIS
  6. Russians don't play double games with anyone
  7. Russia politics and foreign policy is transparent
  8. While the NATO countries are oppurtunistic
  9. For example:USA came close to India recently to pressurise China on south China Sea issuse and after the issue USA didnt care about India
  10. During the 1961 india China war USA pledged to help India in future wars ….but in 1965 India Pakistan war USA ditched india and supported Pakistan
  11. Everyone knows the West is the criminal minded countires with their shameless worst cultures…..
  12. They have made AFGANISTAN and middle East their playground …..
  13. USA creates the problem by funding terrorists and when the terrorists become powerful enough…..
  14. They sell their weapons to Saudi Arabia which is the leading importer of US weapons and also Iraq
  15. They are doing business
  16. Same with India and Pakistan
  17. First they sold f-16 to Pakistan at subsidiary prices and now they want to sell a more modern version of f-16 to India …about 200 f-16's….they want to keep the KASHMIR conflict going on so they and sell their weapons and make money
  18. And terrorism is USA's tool to create these markets ….so USA funds terrorists and cheat them and after that the terrorists get angry and attack the Western countries
  19. Russia does none of this so no one wants to pick a fight with a country as powerful as Russia without it causing any trouble to the terrorists …
  20. In Russia there are terrorists called cherchians who fight for a free country but that's a different story and they are neglible in number .Russian army took care of them 10 years ago and they are now history
  21. Long live mother Russia and God bless us all

Thank you

Why is it said that terrorists don't mess up with Russia?


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