What are the best unknown facts of Bollywood Stars?

What are the best unknown facts of Bollywood Stars? by Sanjay Meena

Answer by Sanjay Meena:

Actor Raaj Kumar lived his life like a King on Cinema and Off Cinema. Some Great Incidents about the Legend Raaj Kumar

  1. Before Joining Cinema, Raaj Kumar was a Sub Inspector in Mumbai Police.
  2. He once went to watch a film at Metro cinema. There, veteran filmmaker Sohrab Modi saw him and offered him a film. He refused the offer.
  1. Raaj Kumar and Dilip Kumar shared screen space in the movie Saudagar after 30 years. However, it is well-known that during the shooting of the film they never talked to each other except for their scenes.
  2. He Once meets Bappi Lahiri and looked him upside down and Said : Waah ! Shaandaar, ek se ek gehne pehne ho, mangal sutra bhi pehan lete (Wow ! Wonderful, you have worn very beautiful ornaments and you missed only Nuptial)
  1. Raaj Kumar and Govinda were shooting for movie “JungBaaz”. Govinda was wearing a nice shirt. Raaj Kumar appreciated his shirt. Govinda offered him the shirt and thought that Legend will wear his shirt. Raaj Kumar accepted it. After two days on the sets Raaj Kumar was seen with a hankey made up from Govinda’s Shirt.
  1. Raaj Kumar met Mr. Amitabh Bacchhan at a party. Raaj Kumar appreciated his suit that AB was wearing and asked for the tailor’s address. AB wrote down address of tailor and handed it to Raaj Kumar. To this, Raaj Kumar said, Actually Mujhe Kuch Parde silwane the (I needed some curtains for my home )i.e. why I asked for tailor’s address.
  1. He use to call Jitendra by the name of Dharmendra and vice versa. Once Dharmendra got angry on him. Then Raaj Kumar said : Rajendra ho yaa Jitendra ho yaa Dharmendra ho yaa bandar ho, Kya fark padta hai, Jaani Raaj Kumar ke aage sab barabar hai. (Will it be Rajendra or Jitendra or Dharmendra or Monkey, Jaani all are the same against Raaj Kumar).
  2. Zeenat Aman was a big name in Industry at that time after success of Dum Maaro Dum song. Once she meets Raaj Kumar in a party and thought that Raaj Kumar will appreciate his success. To this Raaj Kumar said, Dikhti achhi ho, Filmo me try kyu nahi karti.(You look good, Why don’t you try in films) Zeenat Shocked.
  1. Raaj Kumar declined offer of Movie ‘Zanjeer’. He stated two reasons for this, First, I don’t like director’s face. Second, Your hairs are stinking hard that I can’t stand a minute with you.
  2. Once a producer offered very low amount to Raaj Kumar. Raaj Kumar said itne paise me to uss gorakhe (Danny) ko le aao . (In this much amount you can only get to work with Danny)
  1. He got his first role in his Police station. He immediately resigned from police and accepted the offer.
  2. On the first shoot of Movie ‘Neel Kamal’ Raaj Kumar denied working with duplicate ornaments. Director then ordered for real gold ornaments and then only shooting resumed.

These are some interesting incidents about Late Raaj Kumar. Great Personality.

One dialogue from his movie : Tumhari Aukaat ke Zamindaar roj hamari haweli pe salaam karne aate hai.

What are the best unknown facts of Bollywood Stars?


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