What are the perks of dating an introvert?

What are the perks of dating an introvert? by Chanchal Gupta

Answer by Chanchal Gupta:

Lets see.

  1. You will always be the first priority. No one would be more important to them than you.
  2. They’ll always be available for you as they wouldn’t be much occupied with any other plans etc because of their limited circle and your importance in their lives.
  3. You will feel important and valued with them. As they would share all their feelings and thoughts with you and not anyone else.
  4. They will not shy upon to show and voice their true feelings to you as they are big time emotional beings.
  5. They would not try to change you as per what people think and say as they don't care so much about people and their thoughts.
  6. They would date you just because they like you and feel close to. They don’t spend time with people they don’t feel like connecting or just for the sake of it.
  7. They will never take you for granted. They really give importance to people they care about. Since they are dating you, no question of taking you for granted.
  8. Chances are they won't break up with you from their side ever. They don't have any time to look here and there, they are so much into you. They’ll not leave you unless and until you want it.
  9. Their own birthday might not matter too much for them but they would go out of their way to make your birthday special.
  10. Silence will speak quite often. Can it get more romantic than this? 🙂

What are the perks of dating an introvert?


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