What do people want most in life?

What do people want most in life? by Ashish Ranjan

Answer by Ashish Ranjan:

In my childhood when anyone asked, “Son, what do you want to become in your life?”

I used to answer, “I want to become a Pilot or an Astronaut.”

Hardly gave any effort in that direction. Today I am none of them.

When I was a teenager, question was same but my answer changed a little bit.

“I want to go to IIT, and I will become Astronaut.”

Never prepared for IIT, never appeared in the exam.

“I want to be loved, I want someone who will love me unconditionally.”

Can you see, how my answer changed with age? I got girlfriend but the effort to make my relationship successful was negligible.

Got Dumped.

“I want to become Entrepreneur, I want money and fame.”

Massive change of plan from astronaut to Entrepreneur. Obviously, my effort was not upto the mark and I failed again.

No matter, what you want in your life your effort should be justifiable. Don't give up on your dream which you want desperately, otherwise you will be another example of Ashish Ranjan, who writes on Quora but did nothing remarkable in his life. And that is because I hardly gave any true effort to achieve my dream.

Today, all I want is peace and happiness.

Effort: Still Negligible.

What do people want most in life?


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