Why are so many Tamilians supporting Jallikattu ?

Why are so many Tamilians supporting Jallikattu ? by Himanshu Somani

Answer by Himanshu Somani:

I am not a tamilian but i support jallikatu

Reasons :

1. PETA is hypocrite

  • its headquarter is in america
  • it does not protest against the freestyle bull taming sport known as rodeo in america
  • Bull fighting is also popular in Spain.

2.Banning jallikatu would cause negative effect

  • before 100 years there was 130 breeds of cattle was exist in india but now the number reduces to 37
  • Tamil Nadu had 6 breeds of cattle but now we lose alambadi breed
  • Kangayam breed which we use in jallikatu was also affected severely due to this ban
  • in 1996 the no of kangayam was 5 lakh now it reduce to 1 lakh
  • kangayam breed produces A2 quality milk which is more nutrious than A1 quality milk produce by jersey cows ( foreign breed)kangayam produces 3 litre milk per day and used for jallikatu festival
  • jersey breed produces 12 litre A1 quality milk per day
  • Due to ban keeping kangayam was no longer profitable business.

3. Violation of constitutional right

  • the act was direct violation of artical 29 according to which minorities have right to preservs there distinct culture

4. cultural reason

  • jallikatu also known as manju viratu is a ancient sport
  • a cave painting in white kaolin is discovered near madurai depicted a lone man trying to control a bull is estimated to be 2500 years old.
  • Ancient tamil poetry from Sangam literature has many references to Eru Thazuvuthal ( hugging the bull )

5.people sentiments

  • why we ban beef ?
  • why muslim male are allowed to have 4 wives ?
    • reason is simple peoples sentiments

6. Jallikatu is not completely barbaric

  • There are lot of rules associated with this sport.
  • Tamilnadu Government has set very stringent rules and regulations
  • Not a single sportsman has died since the introduction of the Tamilnadu Jalli kattu Act though there is some exceptions
  • It saves the bulls from the slaughterhouses


So i can safely conclude that banning jallikatu will do more harm than good.

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Himanshu Somani

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some people put forward good arguments


  • If the breeds are so useful people by any means will conserve them no need of a sport
  • If the breed is so rare and necessary for biodiversity government will conserve them,


  • Yes breeds are useful and government and people need to protect them but protecting them require money
  • In india 79 percent of people who lives in rural area does not even have toilets so why would government invest in saving animals instead of building toilets. Although both things are important but our first priority is to build toilets.


  • Comparison of sentiments like polygamy with this is not justifiable because, if we keep on compromising on all such sentiments we will be back to the ancient times neither cruelty nor polygamy are acceptable,


  • yes polygamy is wrong and i am against it but i give its example to show that people sentiment matters laws are made for the peoples if you hurt them (sentiments) they (people) would protest.Today government does not have power to ban polygamy because it knows the repercussion.The same repercussion would come after the ban of jallikatu.
  • Jallikatu is not cruel like polygamy


  • Forget PETA, the issue is cruelty towards animals and violence it depicts where from children to adults are spectators which pose threat to humanity


  • Jallikatu is not a cruel sport. The animals who are participating in the competition are treated well
  • Jallikatu is helping in protecting breed just like hindus practice of worshiping cows are saving cows. a large amount of forests are conserved due to the practice of worshiping trees.
  • people from tamil nadu treats bulls as there family member they even cry in his (bulls) funeral People from other parts of India need to learn this thing from them .


  • suppose one of us were kidnapped by aliens and instead of killing us they shelter us feed us nurture us and one day take into a big ground asking to fight with our friend while aliens sit down and watch laughing and having fun. How can this cruelty can called as a sport only Sheldon Cooper knows?


  • sorry but i not agree with your analogy the correct analogy would be

an alien come on earth and he get sad looking at my pathetic condition i am unemployed and i does not even have a single penny for buying bread he sympathize with me and take me with him i ask him to give me food and take care of me he get agree with my demands and i live happily with him I also do some work in his planet and we also play together.

the game we play together is jallikatu




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Why are so many Tamilians supporting Jallikattu ?


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