What inspires you?

What inspires you? by Akshay Viswanathan

Answer by Akshay Viswanathan:

This guy inspires me.

(The guy in the left)

He is Karthick Naren , an engineering dropout from Coimbatore.

So what is special about him?

He is the director of the tamil movie , Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru that released a month back.

The film received highly positive reviews and it’s one of the best Indian movies made.

Check imdb review here . (9.3/10)

What more inspiring about him is the fact that nothing stopped him to pursue his dream.

He directed two short films Pradhi and Nirangal moondru during his college which received good reviews.

He dropped out when he was 20, because he felt engineering was not his calling.

He wrote a full length movie script.

He went and talked to lots and lots of producers , everyone rejected him citing his age factor. No one wanted to give this 21 year old a chance.

Finally one person trusted his abilities , his dad. His dad produced the movie.

He directed the movie with Actor Rahman in the lead role.

The movie released on December 29 last year.

The young movie director proved everyone wrong by directing a movie that was well received by the public! It was not a regular commercial movie , but a experimental crime thriller and creates new perspectives! If you’re a fan of movies which gives you a whole new perspective, probably you should see the movie!

Nobody expected the 21 year old to do so well. Applauds and support started flowing in.

This guy breaking all odds proved a point beyond all stereotypes , One needs only talent and passion to succeed! He inspires me!

What inspires you?


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