Which movies should be shown together?

Which movies should be shown together? by Shardul Rahatade

Answer by Shardul Rahatade:

16 December and Baby should be shown back to back.

16 December (2002:The movie is based on the backdrop of Indo-Pak 1971 War and on a plot to destroy the capital city of India, New Delhi with a nuclear bomb on 16 December 2001 – 30 years after the surrender of Pakistan at the end of the Indo-Pak 1971 War . The film's title comes from the historical date of 16 December 1971 (which is also Bangladesh's Victory Day), commemorating the day Pakistan signed the document of Liberation Of Bangladesh.The movie is of a spy thriller genre.

Danny Dengzopa is shown as the Chief of the Intelligence team. At the end of the movie there comes a statement”This is just the beginning”.

Baby(2015);The story follows a team of fictional secret agents called Baby; which is a temporary task force headed by Feroz Khan (Danny Denzongpa) formed in response to the 2008 Mumbai attacks whose job is to find and eliminate terrorists who are planning attacks in India.These two movies have something in common with the same chief of IB and all only with names changed after all its the intelligence services even their colleagues don’t know each others real name.

Which movies should be shown together?


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