What tiny daily habit could be life changing?

What tiny daily habit could be life changing? by Chanchal Gupta

Answer by Chanchal Gupta:

  1. Getting up early can do wonders in terms of health benefits, time saving and productivity if cultivated as a habit.
  2. Spending 10 minutes daily in the morning to jot down 3 things that needs to be done today to call the day a success would let you focus and put your energy on important stuff.
  3. Walking/Exercising for half an hour or more daily has immense health as well as psychological benefits.
  4. Saying No to stuff that is not important or that can be easily delegated can save lot of time which can be further used to focus on few simple, important and powerful things in your life.
  5. Taking steps instead of lift would be good idea in this age of laptops and mobile where you get very less chances to make body move.
  6. Reading increases your knowledge, vocabulary, imagination and much more. Make it a habit to spend sometime doing this daily.
  7. Spending some time with people and things that motivate you. It could be people, quotes etc that push within you energy and spirit to move towards your goals.
  8. Learning something everyday. It could be in regards to a hobby or your career field. Learning is important. Skills enhancement and upgradations is what I am talking about. You’ll feel good about yourself and of course there are other benefits.
  9. Taking dinner early would enhance your digestion, improve your sleep and will be good for your health and body. Take it before 7 pm by max.
  10. Writing. Anything. Ideas, blogs, experiences, bucket lists. This will make you think and know about your thoughts and feelings we forget to focus on being busy whole day. Specifically do not forget to write down about things that you are grateful for or say regarding any happy moments etc.

Thanks for A2A, Sarthak 🙂

What tiny daily habit could be life changing?


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