Why doesn’t India oppose China?

Why doesn't India oppose China? by Mahi Shashank

Answer by Mahi Shashank:

  1. India secretly is competing with china and in economic growth rate and India beat China in globla growth index and India became the fastest growing economy
  2. India opposes the China Pakistan economic corridor and the project became slow which is a loss to China as it invested millions in it and China is getting fustrated on India for doing so
  3. China gave billions of dollars to Sri Lanka for construction of a new port and projects in Sri lanka for china to use and now there is a change in government in Sri lanka which allows India to use the port constructed useing Chinese money ….China is fustrated because of that
  4. China gave 24 billion dollars loan to Bangladesh to get its support for Pakistan …..but Bangladesh still supported India and boycotted the SAARC summit to be held in Pakistan
  5. India is oppsing the Pakistan China economic corridor by building a port in Iran which on completing will be a competition to Chinese corridor port and both are very close and the port which India constructed has better access to central Asia than China and China is fustrated with this
  6. Iran is selling oil to India in rupees and has not started supplying oil to Pakistan and the oil pipelines to Pakistan are still under very slow construction
  7. Vietnam is asking Indian help to train it's pilots and has allowed to Station Indian Navy ships in its navy port which is very close to China
  8. India has support of Singapore and Malaysia as India trains Singapore airforce and India and Malaysia navy have close relationship and India supplies navy ships to Malaysia and patrol boats to Vietnam
  9. Recently India has support of USA as well against China and Pakistan
  10. China is fustrated with Indian diplomacy and there is high international support for India in United Nations
  11. So china has blocked masood azhar in UNO using its veto power unable to tackle India in other affairs China has become like Pakistan and is creating a joke of itself by doing such foolish things
  12. China like Pakistan has become annoyed by the support India gets on international stage and doing such foolish things out of frustration on India
  13. India is a dignified nation unlike china and Pakistani barbarians and let's it's friends talk to China on the Massod azhar matter

Thank you

God bless us all

Why doesn't India oppose China?


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