What inspires you?

What inspires you? by Vivek Mittal

Answer by Vivek Mittal:

The spirit of Narendra Damodardas Modi.

Have you ever wondered how our Prime Minister manages to stay fit and healthy even after travelling so frequently internationally without breaks and working on the heavy responsibility of maintaining peace and security in India?

Well, let me tell you one thing for sure that our PM takes fitness very seriously.

He strongly believes that if you are fit, you will be capable to do anything. And in the lack of good health, achieving anything is a far sighted goal.

  • Narendra Modi is an early bird who practices Yoga at 5 AM for an hour daily.

“Doctors tell me I need to sleep for 5 hours but I sleep for maximum 3-4 hours yet, I get a very sound sleep.
I am equally energetic from morning till night. I guess the secret behind it is Yoga and Pranayama, which I do daily
Whenever I feel tired, I just practice deep breathing and that refreshes me again!” – NaMo

  • He stays away from junk food.
  • He prefers homemade food. How does he manage that? Well, wherever he goes, his cook follows.
  • He surely is an intelligent man. He knows at his age, the body’s digestive system slows down. So, he eats light food which comprises of traditional Gujarati dishes like Bhindi kadhi with rice, Vaghareli khichdi, White khatta Dhokla etc.
  • He follows a simple khichdi diet in the evening. Dinner should be lightest meal of the day and Mr. Modi follows this ardently.
  • Whenever he is travelling, he prefers just a glass of lemonade to keep him going.
  • We all admire his amazing energy with which he delivers his speeches. You know what’s the secret to it? Well, he drinks mostly lukewarm water to prevent sore throat.
  • He is a teetotaler.
  • Narendra Modi has an exceptional self control. Every year, he keeps a 9 day fast for Chaitri Navratri. In those days, he drinks warm water with lime only. Once, in Chaitri Navratri, there was a Royal Dinner been organized in his honor by the US government. However, Mr. Modi ended up having just a glass of water. Even the former US President, Barack Obama, is impressed by the way Narendra Modi keeps himself fit even at this age.

“I want my health to be such that it won’t be a burden for the nation. Till my last breath I want to remain a healthy human being”. – NaMo

I mean if he, at the age of 66 with so many responsibilities, can stay healthy. Why can’t we?

Does his spirit not inspire you?

Well, if it does then start taking care of your health today. Our fitness level depends 80% on what we eat, so start eating healthy. But what is meant by eating healthy? I would suggest you checkout this video:

Grocery Shopping for a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Actually, I can help you even more. I run a fitness and food channel on YouTube. I upload new videos every week and promise to keep doing it, like forever. So, if you are interested and if you find my content helpful consider subscribing to my channel Fit Tuber

What inspires you?


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