What is the history of the Parle G biscuit factory?

What is the history of the Parle G biscuit factory? by @NikhilHolmes

Answer by Nikhil Patel:

Parle-G is the biggest biscuit selling brand of not only India, but of the world. (Nielsen Survey, 2011). With price of Rs. 5 ($0.073), it became first company to cross a Rs 5000 Crore mark.

So, how did they do it?

  • Parle-G started a competition brand to Jacob’s Biscuit from UK in 1929. Before the independence, as people didn’t have enough money to buy these English Biscuits, they started buying cheaper Indian biscuits.
  • First factory was established in Vile Parle, Mumbai, and that’s how it got the name Parle. Some says that Chauhans, Gujarati Family who started it called it Parle based on Gujarati word Para, meaning Suburb.
  • Initially a yellow wax paper was used to cover the biscuits (See the image below). Now a days, it’s been wrapped in Plastic Paper.
  • As it had a sweet taste of Glucose in it, they started using word Gluco for Parle Gluco. Looking at Parle’s success, other local manufacturers started doing the same. To avoid the confusion, Parle Gluco changed the name to Parle-G.
  • More than a billion packets are produced in a month today. If you stack up Parle-G’s products (per year) over each other, you can go from Earth to Moon 12 times. It has been most sold food item for last 87 years in India.
  • Currently, the factory in Mumbai is closed due to increased costs of transportation in Mumbai. They don’t want to increase the price of the product and still want to reach to each poor person’s tea everyday. 3 other factories are still working in India though.

(PS: I buy a 7 cent (Rs 5) pack for $2 in United States :\ )


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What is the history of the Parle G biscuit factory?

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