Which movies should be shown together?

Which movies should be shown together? by Sreejith Kartha

Answer by Sreejith Kartha:

Apocalypto followed by Baahubali.

Apocalypto ends with Jungle Paw , his wife, their kid and the new born going deep into the forest to move to a far away land after escaping from the warrior tribe.

And then begins Bahubali, with the scene of a baby being rescued and raised over by an Indian tribe; giving us the assumption that its the same newborn shown at the end of Apocalypto.

As the baby grows into an adult he has amazing mountain climbing skills, that none of his peers in the Indian tribe has. However, similar skills have been shown by ‘Jungle Paw’in Apocalypto (Remember the scene where he jumps off a waterfall.)

All this drives us into the assumption that the true ancestral father of Shiva aka Bahubali Jr. is ‘Jungle Paw’ from Apocalypto.

And to sum it all up, we have the emergence of a warrior group named “Kalakeya” in the second half of the movie; with pretty similar accent and appearance to the warrior group in Apocalypto.

So how does Apocalypto fair as a prequel to Bahubali?

Which movies should be shown together?


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