What are some bitter truths about life in India?

What are some bitter truths about life in India? by Onkar Ashtaputre

Answer by Onkar Ashtaputre:

Santoshi Matsa – weightlifting – Silver – Commonwealth 2014.

Seema Antil – discus throw – Silver – Commonwealth and Gold – Asian games 2014.

Parupalli Kashyap – Badminton singles – Gold – Commonwealth 2014.

Vikas Gowda – shot put – Gold – Commonwealth 2014.

Jitu Rai – 10m & 50m pistol – Gold – Commonwealth 2014.

I just picked a few winners from the list and wrote them down. In Glasgow, India won a total of 15 Gold, 30 Silver and 19 Bronze medals. How many of these received the amount of spotlight they deserved?

It takes a movie starred by a renowned celebrity to make our medalists famous.

It really saddens me that our sportsmen -fighting against heavy odds, despite getting pathetic support from the administration, training like sh*t – get so little limelight from our media (TV/News/Social).

They are not welcomed as gloriously as our beloved cricketers. Some of them are not even welcomed. They have to try hard to get an auto rickshaw to get home. The prize money is trifling. Not to mention the help from our government regarding their training using the funds provided. There are lot of issues.

And the bitter truth is, very few people are concerned with sports other than cricket (and football nowadays).

Then some people whine about how a country of 1.336 billion people can manage to achieve only 2 medals in Olympics.

What are some bitter truths about life in India?


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