What are some bitter truths about life in India?

What are some bitter truths about life in India? by Allabaksh Sk

Answer by Allabaksh Sk:

“ Here Honesty can get you killed”

Dishonest and rapacious elements have gained such an upper hand that officers who defend the public interest do so at their peril.

Narendra Kumar, was killed while chasing a tractor loaded with illegally mined stones in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh

DK Ravi , CBI has concluded that he committed suicide by hanging himself. But every one knows the real story.

In 2011, Yashwant Sonawane, Additional District Collector of Malegaon was burnt alive with kerosene by the oil mafia at Manmad in Maharashtra. The 44-year-old Sonawane had caught the oil mafia pilfering fuel from a tanker.

In a shameful incident, the Uttar Pradesh government suspended IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal after she formed special teams to stop illegal mining of sand from the beds of the Hindon and Yamuna rivers in Greater Noida area in 2013

Whistleblower IAS officer from Haryana cadre, Ashok Khemka was popularly known for his strong stand against corruption. He was shunted to the state archives department after he exposed the discrepancy in Robert Vadra's (son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi) land deals with real estate giant DLF.

Source : India.com

What are some bitter truths about life in India?


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