What are some epic tweets?

What are some epic tweets? by Chintu Jain

Answer by Chintu Jain:

September 19, 2007.


Andrew Flintoff bowled 18th over and Yuvraj Singh hit a couple of boundaries. That enraged Flintoff, came to Yuvi and exchanged few words with him. The conversation heated up Yuvi. What happened next is history !!

19th over, Stuart Broad is bowling and Yuvraj Singh is on strike. Yuvraj Singh was determined to send all the balls out of the ground. Ravi Shastri is the commentator. First ball – That’s huge. That is a biggie. It is out of here. I think those few words from Flintoff just charged him up a bit. Sure as hell they did.
Second ball – Just flick of the wrist and way she goes in to the crowd. Another six.
Third ball – This is in the air again. Clears long off. Three in a row. 6 6 6 and its balle balle balle in the crowd.
Fourth ball – Round the wicket. Will it make a difference?(Yuvi tossed the full toss ball in the air) It doesn’t. It’s four in a row. Well he is got the license here to go for the full monty. Six out of six.
Fifth ball – Fiivveeee. Yyessssssss. 30 with one ball to go. Could he make 6 out of 6?
Sixth ball – And here goes Broad, last ball of the innings. Annddd he is got it away or has he? Yessss !! Into the crowd. Six sixes in an over.
Yuvraj Singh finishes things off in style. The first time it happened in T20. History!!

(Later in an interview with former Bollywood actress Simi Garewal for Star World, Yuvi had revealed the exact words which were exchanged between the two cricketers. The southpaw refused to speak the derogatory words which were used by both of them.

Recalling the incident, Yuvi said Flintoff told him, "Those were f*ckng ridiculous shots, because I had hit him for two boundaries in that over. I said f*ck you. Then he said, excuse me. I said you heard what I said. And he said I will cut your throat off. I said you see this bat in my hand. You know where I gonna hit you with this bat?"

When asked whether the heated exchange of words charged him up, the flamboyant left-hander said, "It got me really worked up. I was really angry and I just wanted to hit every ball out of the ground, just give it back. Sometimes, it's good for you. Sometimes, it backfires. But on that day I think it backfired them.")

January 19, 2017.


Yuvraj Singh after having a tough fight with the cancer, made a come back. 150 runs out of just 127 deliveries, which includes 3 sixes and 21 fours.

When it is India playing with English and Yuvi is in the team, our memories go back to the time in 2007 when Yuvi hit 6 sixes in a Stuart Broad’s over. Our witty Sir Ravindra Jadega who always surprises with his wits, tweeted something amazing.

Here’s another one !

We all are aware of ‘XXX: Return of Xander’, Deepika Padukone’s recent movie with Vin Diesel. Here’s an epic tweet.

What are some epic tweets?


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