What are some least known facts about movie stars?

What are some least known facts about movie stars? by Vishwa S Purushottam

Answer by Vishwa S Purushottam:

Not many know that before leaving the world stunned with his acting skills, Nana Patekar did odd jobs like painting zebra crossing on the roads and movie posters to earn a living. From earning as little as Rs 35 a month to now becoming one of the most generous donors to the farmers of the drought-hit regions, Nana Patekar's story will inspire you beyond words. Here are some of the facts about Bollywood's most generous and kind man who still prefers living a simple life over several luxuries of life that he can easily afford.

1. While he can afford almost every luxury of life, Nana Patekar still chooses to live in a 1 BHK apartment with his mother.


2. He had made a generous donation of 15,000 rupees per family to almost 62 families of the farmers who committed suicide in Marathwada region. He himself visited around 112 farmers’ families in Marathwada.


3. His organization now plans to connect with 700 more in the areas of Nagpur, Latur, Hingoli, Parbani, Nanded, Aurangabad, etc.

4. His foundation has already successfully managed to collect Rs. 22 crores from the people for farmer welfare. The major aim of the foundation now is to fill back the dried lakes and rivers in order to provide safe drinking water to farmers and their families.


5. Nana Patekar, who had undergone strict army training for three years to perfect his role for Prahaar, he was given the honorary rank of Captain in the early ‘90s. Even after the last shot for that movie, he had lent his services to the army, including a stint during the Kargil war.


6. Nana Patekar's foundation received a tremendous response since its first day of inauguration. The foundation collected ₹ 80 lacs on day 1. Today when people question an organization's credibility, this one was a clear win for Nana Patekar and other founders.


7. Actor Nana Patekar personally went to the seats of farmer widows and handed over cheques of Rs. 15,000 in a small hall in Latur, Marathwada. When there was a power failure for 5 minutes, people turned on the torch on their phones so that Nana Patekar could continue to distribute cheques.


8. Explaining his involvement and contribution towards the cause, Nana Patekar told media: "Marte damm tak jeene ki vajah mil gai hai mujhe." (I have found a reason to live, till I die.)

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What are some least known facts about movie stars?


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