What do you think about torturing for information?

What do you think about torturing for information? by Stephan Lindgren

Answer by Stephan Lindgren:

I train military interrogators, so I will give you my perspective. Many others have mentioned the typical reasons why we don't use torture in interrogations, I will give my opinion on something that is rarely considered.

When considering the morality of torture, a lot of people focus their attention on the person being tortured, and whether or not they deserve it.

As an interrogator, I find it funny that many people comfortably sit back and debate the use of torture – because they aren't the ones who would have to do it.

That'd be like me saying that I think my favorite football team should run ten miles every day. That would surely make them better players.

What people don't stop to think about is the person doing the torturing. It's easy to just assume it is someone like this:

But in reality, the people doing the torturing would be our sons and daughters, and mothers and fathers.

We already ask enough of our troops. It's a lot easier to live with yourself for killing an enemy than it is to torture a helpless human being.

Would you want your kids returning from war with that on their conscience?

Do you think your mom or dad are going to spend 15 months torturing people, then return home and fix you pancakes like it never happened?

Food for thought.

Thanks for your question.

What do you think about torturing for information?


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