Who were the meanest people you ever met?

Who were the meanest people you ever met? by Ruchir Shukla

Answer by Ruchir Shukla:


She is the meanest person ever born on the earth. You want to know WHY ?

Date: 27th January 2017

Place: NH 58 (Modinagar Ghaziabad Highway, India)

A man was driving on NH58 between Ghaziabad and Modinagar with his pregnant wife. He was in a hurry to reach hospital as his wife, sitting beside him was in labour pain. This is when he accidentally brushed his car against an Audi and hell broke loose. This woman driver of the Audi got down from the vehicle shouting abuses even as she noted the woman passenger in the other car was clearly in distress.

She waved her hands in contempt and bemoaned the damage on her prized Audi rather than allow the hapless driver to get his pregnant wife to the hospital on time. She even had the audacity to take away the man’s car keys even as his young child watched the mayhem and his mother in pain from the back seat of the vehicle. In a video that surfaced later, the wife is seen sitting in the co-passenger’s seat and holding the steering wheel and steeling herself from the growing pains of contractions that she must be undergoing.

She refused to hand over the keys and was seen even arguing with the police on duty. When the crowd that had assembled started getting agitated, this woman got scared and instead of returning the keys, threw it in the crowd and ran away.

Dear Audi driver, Aak thoo. Shame on you.

Here is the link to the video:


Note: As reported by ABP News, “the vehicle registration number of this Audi is UP 15 BX 8888 and it is registered under the name of one AKSHIT WADHWA from Meerut. The address provided at Meerut RTO for vehicle registration is that of an empty plot, which itself is a criminal offence.”

Anyone having any information about this lady/car/incident may please contact ABP News. They are doing a story on this issue. Ghaziabad police has taken suo motu cognisance of the matter and is investigating it.

Dear Audi Driver, Aak thoo, again.

Edit 1: A fellow Quoran informed me that this girl belongs to a rich and influential family of Meerut. They are into financial service business for last 40 years. Also, they are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of readymade garments, operating from the office situated in Abu Lane, Main Market, Meerut.

Please google for more information.


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PS: One pregnant woman dies every 5 minutes in India, says World Health Organisation (WHO). 😦 😦 😦

Who were the meanest people you ever met?


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