Is India changing?

Is India changing? by Bhadresh Thummar

Answer by Bhadresh Thummar:


2 days back, on a busy day, i was going back to home from work.

generally my daily commute consists of 6–7 crossings, so at one of them, i was waiting for the lights to go green.

There i was standing, another guy came right beside me.

As i noticed, his appearance was very bad, making him look more bad, he was chewing pan masala.

just after when he stopped, he spat in the gap between us.

just like the pic above.

i momentarily stared at him (pity face), in the response he also stared at me (over attitude face).

Then i asked him : Hey, what do you think of Indian Army’s Surgical Strike on Pakistan?(in local language)

Him : Nice move by PM, We should kill all the terrorists..(again in slang language)

Me : And what do you think of Demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes?

Him : Also a very good move by Modi.

Me : Means you have something for the country, suppose if war happens, will you fight for the country?

Him (with super confidence) : Definitely! I love my country, i can do anything for my country, i can even sacrifice my life for the country.

Me : Then why did you spit on the road ???

He stared at me for 5 to 7 seconds with evil eyes, after that

Him ( Calmly) : Sorry brother, i will never ever spit on the road, what is your name?

Lights went green and i accelerated my bike without answering him.

India will change, only and only if the people will change, so yeah at a slow pace it is happening.

“The Only Thing which needs to be fixed on this planet is Human Being, Everything else is Fine … – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Thank You for Reading


Thanks For the suggestion of Sadhguru, Sanjay Badlani

Edit : i repeated this with another guy, same thing happened…

Is India changing?


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