What are the top bad habits to stop immediately or I’ll regret big time later in life?

What are the top bad habits to stop immediately or I'll regret big time later in life? by Yeshu David

Answer by Yeshu David:

  • Masturbation – Stop masturbation! you spend your time watching porn's, and then you decide to masturbate. This gives you temporary joyness and makes you a Sexoholic.
  • Procrastination – “At present respect your time, or time will disrespect you in future.” You procrastinate constantly, its a sign of looming of eradication. you skip your important tasks for the next day, which is not gonna happen. You heard that lines, “So don’t make anyone fool”, I say, “Don’t make yourself fool.”
  • Social networking sites : Use this apps, sites to benefit your career, but not to detriment it. I would recommend you to use Whatsapp only to interact with those success seekers. I mean, if you are preparing for GMAT, CAT, UPSC etc, find their Whatsapp groups, so that you can get involved with. This could be like a kick, whenever you feel lazy, those group messages would keep you on heat to pursue for your goals.
  • Halt to read – You want those great people to be as your mentors, but you can’t read the stuffs written by them. This could be the reason why those big players wrote down their advises in a book, that is published today. So go, get those books, because Books are your best mentors.
  • Not bothered for your beloved ones – You realize your mistakes of wasting your time, when something earth-shattering happens? It’s a bitter truth, that life is short, same thought applies for your loved ones too. I am not being negative, but you need to accept this. As days are getting passed/increased, your loved ones are losing their days. So open your inner eyes, chase for success, fulfill their expectations & live your dreams.

Think About It.

What are the top bad habits to stop immediately or I'll regret big time later in life?


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