India: What are things that make Indians sad?

India: What are things that make Indians sad? by Arnab Nayak

Answer by Arnab Nayak:

Every Indian wants India to be corruption free. We are the first ones to share our views on social media about how we are against corruption and corrupt people should be punished severely. These posts get the maximum number of likes and shares.

Unfortunately, those who disclose scams or act against corrupt are murdered. We even forget the names of whistle blowers who gave up their lives fighting corruption and lived a life of integrity but remember the names of corrupt.

Everyone knows the names of Suresh Kalmadi, A. Raja, Ramalinga Raju and countless other people who have serious corruption charges against them and who have looted the whole country.

But how many of us know the names of Satyendra Dubey, Shanmugam Manjunath, Narendra Kumar and countless other nameless, bright people who gave up their lives trying to make a change in the country. They could have got highly paid jobs everywhere, yet they worked in India as they wanted to take part in the change. They could have accepted the bribes and lived a happy and posh lives. Yet they decided to fight corruption and got killed.

This is a tribute to Satyendra Dubey, Shanmugam Manjunath, Narendra Kumar and countless other people who have lost their lives fighting corruption.

Here are their stories

  1. Satyendra Dubey (Assassinated at the age of 30 years; still has not got justice)

Satyendra Dubey, Btech, IIT Kanpur and Mtech, IIT-BHU came from a poor family. His father was a clerk in a sugar mill. Satyendra joined the Indian Engineering Service (IES) and in July 2002, went on deputation to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

During this period, Dubey got the contractor of the project to suspend three of his engineers after exposing serious financial irregularities. At one point, he had the contractor rebuild six kilometres of under-quality road, a huge loss for the road contract mafia.

On 27 November 2003, Dubey was returning from a wedding in Varanasi , and called his driver to meet him at the station. He reached Gaya railway station at three in the morning, and found that the car was not able to come because of a battery malfunction. It appears that at this point Dubey decided to take a rickshaw home. When he didn’t reach home, his driver went to look for him and found him dead by the side of the road in the suburb of AP colony . He had been shot.

The main accused Mantu Kumar escaped from court during proceedings on 19 September,2005.

When will Mr Dubey get justice? This is so sad that he lost his life doing his duty, yet even after 13 years his family has not justice.

To know more about Satyendra Dubey: 10 Things You Should Know About Whistleblower Satyendra Dubey’s Mysterious Murder 12 Years Ago


2. Shanmugam Manjunath (murdered at the age of 27)

Manjunath (MBA graduate from IIM Lucknow) while working for the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in Lucknow, he had ordered two petrol pumps at Lakhimpur Kheri sealed for selling adulterated fuel for three months. When the pump started operating again a month later, Manjunath decided to conduct a surprise raid around 19 November 2005.

Having not heard from his son for three days, at around 9 that night, his father, M Shanmughan, had sent an SMS: "How are you?". There was no reply because that very night, during his inspection, Manjunath had been shot dead in the town of Gola Gokarannath in Lakhimpur Kheri. His body, riddled with at least six bullets, was found in the backseat of his own car, which was being driven by two employees of the petrol pump. Both were arrested and the main accused, pump-owner Pawan Kumar ('Monu') Mittal, was held on 23 November along with seven others.

Later a movie named Manjunath was released, written and directed by Sandeep A. Varma based on the inspiring life of Manjunath Shanmugam.


Trailer of Manjunath Movie:

3. Narendra Kumar (murdered at the age of 33)

Narendra Kumar joined IPS in 2009. He was posted in Morena in Madhya Pradesh and was killed allegedly by members of the mining mafia in March 2012.

He was run over by tractor carrying illegally mined stones after he tried to stop it.

Kumar's wife, Madhurani Tewatia is an IAS officer posted in Gwalior, and was on maternity leave at the time of Kumar's death.


It is sad that such honest officials are being murdered and being forgotten. They are heroes who everyone should know about. We should try to work with that much integrity. Instead of sharing just viral news with click bait headlines, we should remember these forgotten heroes and work to make India corruption free.

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India: What are things that make Indians sad?

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