India: What are things that make Indians sad?

India: What are things that make Indians sad? by Ashish Gupta

Answer by Ashish Gupta:

This is one incident which makes an honest patriotic Indian sad.

This screenshot is of Zaira wasim's (Dangal fame girl)mother FB timeline.In this post she is clearly hoping for India's defeat and Blowing hearts for Pakistan.

In this another photo , she is praising Afridi for defeating India.The match was played between Ind and Pak on 2/03/2014 in which Afridi hit three sixes and Pakistan won the match.

3-march-2014 00:40- Woo.Afridi,what a hit.Got some relief. wonderful.

It is a matter of utter shame that we Indians have made her daughter so famous. We actually do not deserve anything.We are habitual of befriending our enemies starting from Mohammad Qasim then to people like her now.

EDIT 1- She has deleted the 1st picture from her timeline.

EDIT 2-Some people are commenting that it is just a game of cricket and everyone has a right to cheer any team.

But we all know that it is just not about cricket. It is about Kashmir and Pakistan.Who would prefer pakistan win over India.Recently her daughter Apologized to hard core Islamists which she shouldn't have done.Blowing hearts to Pakistan is also not a small issue.It would be utter foolishness to think that she was just supporting Pakistan only in cricket.

India: What are things that make Indians sad?

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