Who is the laziest cricketer of all time?

Who is the laziest cricketer of all time? by @achyutktelang

Answer by Achyut Telang:

Inzamam ul Haq:

  • He played for Multan division and had a verbal contract with them that if he scored a 100, he wouldn’t have to field and he could sleep. There was actually a cot placed there just for him and he did score a lot of hundreds just so that he could sleep there and not have to field!
  • His laziness has cost him his as well as his partner’s wicket a lot of times. Inzamam has been run out 40 times in his ODI career but he must have run out his partner twice as many times. Once he was run-out against England when he just avoided the throw but did not make an effort to get back in the crease and against India he was out obstructing the field when he blocked Raina’s throw with his bat while again being out of the crease!
  • During training before a match, the Pakistan team used to play football. However, Inzamam was so lazy that he did not like to run much and had a rule that no one should come near him and take away the football. He once got angry on Younis Khan and Shahid Afridi just for taking the ball away from him and the fight became a big issue!
  • In a match against West Indies in Sharjah, Pakistan were batting. Before the second last ball, Wasim Akram walked up to a tired Inzamam and asked him to just run and give him the strike for the last ball irrespective of where the ball hit. Inzamam agreed and faced the ball from Ambrose which was a yorker. It hit Inzamam on the foot and he fell down right there. By that time Wasim Akram had run as planned and reached the striker’s end. Inzamam saw him and asked, “Wasim bhai (brother), what are you doing here?”
  • In the 1992 World Cup before the semi final, Inzamam had asked the team manager for sleeping pills but he got something else which resulted in an upset stomach! He played only after being assured by his captain that he would only bat at number 6 and during the team’s fielding, he would be allowed to go off.
  • Before the 1999 World Cup which was to be played in England, Pakistan team and coach Richard Pybus decided that everyone would learn how to slide while fielding, as other teams were doing it. Inzamam raised his hand slowly and said, “I will not be able to do it.” When asked for the reason, he said- I have a bad knee, painful hip and a sore neck!

Lastly, this hilarious commentary best describes his running between the wickets-

“Horrific stuff. Inzamam pretends to run and then stops in the middle!”

Source: Compiled from videos

Who is the laziest cricketer of all time?


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