What’s something you’ve never told anyone?

What's something you've never told anyone? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

I am software engineer working in the IT industry for last 2.5 years. I have completed my B.E in 2014. I belong to a small village in central India.

The thing i never told anyone is ‘me and my mother used to cry silently together in our bad time back in 2011–2014 during my engineering’, and now also i cry sometimes when i recall that time.

My father owns 10–15 acre(non-irrigated) land in my village and was engaged in conventional farming. My mother helped in farming. He used to earn hardly 50–60K (Profit) a year during that period, the reason being lot of factors which adversely affected our farming. I did my primary education from government school in my village and from 10th grade onwards from a regional medium school in a nearby village. I struggled a lot during my engineering due to language issues. My family also struggled along because of our poor finances. We were running out of money and we also had debts to pay off. This was because most of the money we had went into my sister’s wedding, my college fees and farming. Somedays I used to go college without a penny, me and my mother used to cry whenever my father borrowed money from my relatives or any other sources. But they always supported for my education even though they are not much educated.

We tried to sell some of our land to change the situation but few people who came forward offered very less amount and due to other property related issues, we couldn't sell the farm.

Now my situation is pretty good, but whenever I recall these moments and my mother’s face, the tears just flow. No one knows about this..

Time always Change.. just wait .. Faith.. and Fight..

What's something you've never told anyone?


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