What do Quora’s offices look like in 2017?

What do Quora's offices look like in 2017? by Jonathan Brill

Answer by Jonathan Brill:

Here are a few shots from our Instagram account: Quora (@quora) • Instagram photos and videos

This is our “Fourth floor cafe”, the main mess hall in our Mt View headquarters, and previous to last year, where we held the Top Writer Open House.

This is the bleacher section in our cafe at our new building. Our Facilities team is constantly coming up with new ideas to make the Quora offices the best place in the world to come to work. This was Valentine’s Day Piglets.

Desks at Quora can be adjusted for height, are real wood (I know this, because I’ve gotten a splinter!) and every employee has the same one.

This is one of our larger conference rooms, in this case hosting a lunch discussion.

This is our “launch gong”, and that’s a new feature being launched.

This is our employee origin wall – right now showing pins in 20 different countries.

And that’s my daughter in the main hall and the mess hall demonstrating her favorite thing about coming to work with me – snacks.

What do Quora's offices look like in 2017?

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