Have you ever found a photo of you used in an unexpected way?

Have you ever found a photo of you used in an unexpected way? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

Yes. It’s this one:

You can’t see my face so you wouldn’t know it’s me, but as soon as I saw it on the BBC News site headlining a story about the UK’s obesity epidemic, I recognised myself. Of course, no-one stole my picture – this was taken in a public place by a freelance photographer (I remember seeing the guy taking photos around Parliament Square in London which was where I was working at the time). He licensed / sold it to Press Association as the credit here shows.

Because it’s in the PA photo library, this photo shows up frequently on the Web and in print on stories about obesity and health. So I see it a lot. Initially it depressed the hell out of me, but I’m now amused enough that I tell my friends whenever I see it.

This was enough of a kick in the nuts for me to actually go on a proper NHS lifestyle change programme (your taxes at work, folks!), and so far I’ve lost a little over 3 stone (22kg) and I no longer look like this. Although there’s still a long way to go.

So I suppose I should thank the guy who took this photo that day. He may have saved my life. I didn’t realise just how close to diabetes I was.

(I’m using this picture here for social commentary purposes, which I think is Fair Dealing under UK copyright law. The fact that it is of me doesn’t actually give me any special right to use it! I’m also going anonymous to avoid any fat-bashers. Sorry.)

Have you ever found a photo of you used in an unexpected way?


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