What does Ali Alshamsi think about India?

What does Ali Alshamsi think about India? by Ali AlShamsi

Answer by Ali AlShamsi:

I have three different experiences with India.

  • Health:

I had a surgery done when I was young in India and I can swear by the brilliance of its doctors.

  • Tourism:

One of the most wonderful beautiful places on earth. Rich in culture and diverse. As an Arab I can easily melt in and get the local prices but won't say the same for white tourists lol.

  • Investment:

I owned companies in India and it is difficult to keep employees, they are in and out easily for any raise of salary next door no matter how small the raise. Also India is very active politically your employees can be involved in this and not the best infrastructure to constant work environment in most places. It is very challenging to operate there. Yet you have the largest talent pool to pick and choose from it.

Yet India has one of the world’s largest middle class population. If you know how to sell to them you are golden. The market is not easy you have to provide in bulk and in many tiers. For example people would buy ketchup in sachets and some would buy only 1 sachet. You have to be available or else a cheaper version of your product will be made and people will quickly shift to it before they come back to you for quality.

It is difficult to sell to Indians online. They love to pay and be paid in cash because they don't like to pay taxes (who does?) but still you are dealing with massive number of people. They don't trust online sellers much unless many guarantees are offered.

Importing to India is expensive taxes wise for you and your customers so you better have local production.

To me it's a land of opportunity and soon will be one of if not the largest online market.

If one wants to be a billionaire quick they have to include India in their plans.

What does Ali Alshamsi think about India?


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