Why isn’t Wolverine’s original costume ever used in the movies?

Why isn't Wolverine's original costume ever used in the movies? by Christian Mueth

Answer by Christian Mueth:

Wolverine is supposed to be a feral, intimidating, man-shaped meat-sack of pure testosterone.

Now… Does this give off anything close to that impression?

I like Wolverine’s classic costume as much as the next guy. But, it suffers from the same problem that Robin’s costume does. While it looks good on the comics page, we all have to admit: it would be very hard to translate it well on screen. The bright primary colors can make it look pretty garish.

Nobody wants to see Hugh Jackman running around, dressed up like an angry banana.

It would be one thing if they could figure out a way to make the costume work. The problem is that they’d have to make it look just right, which would be very hard…

But, if they made it look something like this, then they’d be set:

There’s been speculation that they did get it to look right too. A deleted alternate ending for “The Wolverine” had him being given his classic suit at the end:

It’s presumed that this scene was supposed to be foreshadowing for “Days of Future Past”, and that Wolverine was going to don his classic costume for that X-Men outing. But, for one reason or another, the suit was rejected… Some say that the costume just wasn’t looking right, and that they had to abandon the concept. Others say that Bryan Singer (who was the say-all-be-all for the X-Men films, up until very recently) was staunchly against using the yellow costume, and refused to use it.

He always did prefer to have the Wolverine wear an ugly leather jumpsuit instead.

“You actually go outside in these things?”

“Well, would you prefer yellow-spandex”

It’s unfortunate that we’ve never seen Hugh Jackman wear the suit over his 17 years in the role. But hey: he didn’t need it. Hugh was Wolverine, with or without the yellow spandex.

Why isn't Wolverine's original costume ever used in the movies?


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