What are some of the best examples of hypocrisy in India?

What are some of the best examples of hypocrisy in India? by @Shivam_Murari

Answer by Shivam Murari:

This man!

All through his life, Karan Johar has made headlines by playing the victim! Recently when his autobiography released, he blamed the whole world for completely irrational things. Some of the stark examples of his hypocrisy are:

  1. Makes movies that mock homosexuals. Says he is sad about all the trolling done on gay people. From Kantaben in Kal Ho Na Ho to random gay jokes in Student of the Year, Karan Johar’s movies are filled with homosexual mockery. But in his autobiography he’s all broken pieces because people make fun of him for being gay.
  2. Cries about lack of acceptance. Is the most conspicuous flag-bearer of nepotism and intolerance towards outsiders. He ensures that injustice against him or the lack of acceptance of his sexuality is heard well by everyone. But when it comes to accepting newcomers in the industry, his has the most cynical opinion. Not only does he never cast newcomers in his movies, he also discourages other production houses from doing so. We hear about Kangana and Anushka because somehow they survived his wrath. There may have been hundreds of others whose careers he ended before they could even take off.
  3. Blames Bollywood for being sexist. Denies equal pay to actresses. According to his biography, he fought with Kareena Kapoor and avoided her when she demanded the same amount of money as Shahrukh Khan in Kal Ho Na Ho.
  4. Says Freedom of Expression is a joke in India. Tells Kangana to leave the industry when she opens up about her hardships. Coming to the conjecture the photo posted above is about. Recently, when Kangana Ranaut opened up about how she was not accepted in the industry because of snooty biggies like Karan Johar, he graciously accepted the blames in front of her on his show. Then he went on to bash her for playing the “victim” and told her to leave the industry if she doesn’t like it.

It’s because of regressive people like him that Bollywood industry isn’t reaching the heights that it has the potential to reach. His disinterest in casting talented outsiders over silver-spoon-bearing sons and daughters of the industry clans is one of the reasons why.

Image source: Reviews & Rating, Entertainment News stuff – Desimartini.com

What are some of the best examples of hypocrisy in India?

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