As an Indian Muslim, what do you wish Hindus knew?

As an Indian Muslim, what do you wish Hindus knew? by Noor Basha

Answer by Noor Basha:

From an Indian Muslim girl:

1. Not all of us wear a Burqa, so please stop asking if we are some kind of rebels who decided to go against the rules. It is a matter of choice 🙂

2.  We respect your religion so you can be 100% assured we will make sure non veg is served with your permission ( when i say its gobi manchurian, it is Gobi Manchurian.. and not chicken 😛 )

3. Some of us think that a Muslim husband can divorce his wife by saying Talaq Talaq Talaq (thanks to the overly dramatic Bollywood movies). But the Holy Quran states that there ought to be a waiting period (about 4 months) before the divorce becomes official.

4. Friday is not the only day we clean ourselves and bathe. It is the day of congregation (prayers are obligatory).

5. Lot of us like visiting temples, gurudwaras  churches . Yes we have a certain way of offering prayers but please do not look surprised if you spot one of us in a temple.

6. And no not all of us love the Khans of Bollywood or listen to only Mohd Rafi songs. I personally prefer Kishore Kumar songs over Rafi's.

7. Yes, alcohol is banned  in Islam but we love hanging out at bars or pubs as much as you do.

8. And finally just because I am a Muslim, please for God sake please do not doubt my loyalty for my country. There are maybe some hate spreading asses , just like any community has. But  we have a heart and brain of our own. Brains to differentiate between right and wrong..
and Dil is purely Hindustani ..    🙂

As an Indian Muslim, what do you wish Hindus knew?

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