India: What are things that make Indians sad?

India: What are things that make Indians sad? by Lux Aura

Answer by Lux Aura:

Last year, Abhinav a young engineer claimed to have 'Live Braille', a wearable technology innovation to help blind people walk around without the aid of a walking stick. His innovation was hailed as a success, and the device was commercially launched this year as an innovation under the 'Make in India' programme. It is sold in India and more than 15 other countries.

Abhinav, who wanted to "change the lives of 50 million blind people in India" with the device, called his creation a "freedom device". He even set up a fund-raising initiative called Milaap for the campaign.

He made India proud!

But the story is not completed here!

Abhinav Verma was arrested along with accomplices — his cousin Vishakha Verma and Ludhiana-based property dealer Suman Nagpal — by the Punjab Police in Mohali and adjoining Chandigarh. The trio was duping people by exchanging the demonetised Rs 500 and 1,000 notes for fake Rs 2,000 notes printed by them.

The three were even charging a 30 per cent commission for the exchange.

The saddest part is youngsters like him with brilliant minds are indulging in such crimes. Now he is in jail. If he had used his knowledge in a right direction, he would have raised India to more greater heights.

Edit 1:- Thanks Amartya Gosh for the edit.

India: What are things that make Indians sad?


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