What are some mind-blowing facts & trivia about sandalwood- kannada cinema?

What are some mind-blowing facts & trivia about sandalwood- kannada cinema? by Viny. Nayak

Answer by Viny. Nayak:

(Thanks for A2A,interesting question )

●The most famous conductor of Kannada cinema~Rajanikanth and the most famous driver of Kannada cinema~Shankarnag.

●Rajkumar's movie "Bangarada Manushya" that inspired many city lads to go back to village and take up farming.

●MAYURA – All of us know about this great movie. Let me tell you how this originated
(Source : Muthuraja ondu muthu,book by B. Ganapathi).
One day in Madras a boy collecting old newspaper and books landed at Dr. Rajanna's house. While Rajanna was speaking to this boy he found that in the ragbag of this boy the book 'Mayura' written by Devudu. Annavru then got this book from the boy and what happened later was history.
Who knows if not for this boy we may have never seen a classical like 'Mayura'.

●'Haalu Jenu' was first planned for Ananthnag .Dr. Raj refused to do because he did not want to barge into other actor's space. However later when AnantNag could not do the project due to his schedule the project came back to Raj and then came the evergreen movie 'Haalu Jenu'.
Source : Muthuraja ondu muthy – written by B . Ganapathi

●Huttidare kannada nadalli huttabeku……
this song needs no new introduction but this is how it originated

Hamsalekha, T S Nagabharana and others were present at Dr. Raj's residense to finalise Akasmika songs.

In walked annavru one morning in his trademark white dress….

Watching Dr. Raj, Hamsalekha made a statement "huttidare rajkumar thara huttabekappa". This sentence caught the attention of all in the room and with some changes originated the song "Huttidare kannada nadalli huttabeku……".

As told by Hamsalekha in an interview.

●The tune 'Anisuthide yako indu' was first propsed by MM for America America. NC did not find the tune suitable for that movie.

Later it was proposed again for the Mathad Mathad Mallige and the same result.

Finally the tune was picked up by YB.

The lyrics for this song was sent via SMS by YB/JK to Mano Murthy in US.

●Kalpana refused to do Obavva's role in 'Nagarahuvu'. (since it was a small role).

●Dr. Vishnu was keen on doing 'Bhojaraja's role in 'Kaviratna Kalidasa'.

Soruce : Various interviews seen on TV & books on Dr. Raj & Puttana Kanagal.

●Kasturi Nivasa – This film needs no special mention to all Kannada film lovers.

The script for this movie was first written for 'Shivaji Ganesan'. For some reason it was rejected. Dorai-Bhagavan liked the script very much and naratted to Rajkumar and said that they were willing to produce the movie only if Dr. Raj played the lead role.

The rights of the Tamil script was purchased for 30000 Rs.The movie went on to become one of the all time greats in KFI.

Later the same movie was remade in Tamil with Shivaji Ganesan. The same movie was also remade in Hindi with Sanjeev Kumar as the lead.

Source : As told to Jayant Kaikini on his show Dr. Raj telecast on ETV sometime back.

●Big names in India film industry those days were waiting for the release of Dr. Raj's new movie. Many of his movies were remade to other languages.

Raj's film Pratidhwani was the inspiration for Hindi film Deewar. (changes were made in Hindi version)
Nanobba kalla was the inspiration for Shakti.(changes were made in Hindi version)
Haalu Jenu – There is an exact copy of this movie in Telugu with Nagaeshwara rao.
Anuraja Aralithu – was remade in Telugu, Tamil & Hindi
Vasantha Geetha – was remade in Hindi as Pyar Jhukta Nahin and back in Kannada as 'Ne barada kadambari'.
Raja nanna raja – has inspired the recent Magadheera.
Shankar Guru – Mahaan in Hindi
~will try to add some more 🙂

Edit 1:

What are some mind-blowing facts & trivia about sandalwood- kannada cinema?


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