What do Filipinos think of India?

What do Filipinos think of India? by Alyanna Ghia De Guia

Answer by Alyanna Ghia De Guia:


Generally, Filipinos thoughts of India are as follows:

  1. The country of “Bombay’s” — yeah we call Indian residents here as Bombay.
  2. Flavorful food. (For me, Masala will explain this. What a yum!)
  3. 3 idiots. (Whenever I tell something about India to Filipino friends, this movie will always be mentioned by them. “Have you watched 3 idiots?” “Did you cry, dance,…?” questions as such are always asked.
  4. Whenever we hear the word “Yoga” we think of “India” as well.
  5. India is a country of world class engineers and doctors.

But if you’ll ask me directly, I think of India as a very diversified country in many aspects. Divided by caste, by “North” and “South”, by religion, beliefs.., but united by humanity. India is like a woman, it’s beauty and complexity makes it attractive and interesting.

Jai Hind!

What do Filipinos think of India?


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