What is the bravest thing you have ever seen someone do?

What is the bravest thing you have ever seen someone do? by @mohitbadaya

Answer by Mohit Badaya:

Well this is the story of my second cousin who is really an inspiration for all of us!

Most of People don't know about this story.

Do you people remember these pictures!
Well do you people remember about an year ago Hema Malini met with an accident where the accident took a small kid life.
Well if you don't know let me tell you the actual story.

Summarised Story

​Approx 10 months ago, on July 3rd Hema Malini (MP, Mathura) was headed from her constituency to Jaipur. Then happened this case.
She was traveling in her Mercedes and her car hit an alto car carrying a total of 5 people, two kids, their parents and a relative. This accident took the life of one of the child (4Year kid) and small injuries to other people including Hema Malini.
The residents were from Lalsot, Dausa (60km from Jaipur). Hema Malini was quickly taken to a private hospital and was then taken back to her home city via Air.
But the residents were referred to a Government Hospital in Jaipur.
All of this Incident took a life of a Small Kid.
Some people were saying it was Alto's driver fault but some said it was Hema Malini's car fault being Over speeding

Cousin plays a role here
The Cousin (let's call him A) was merely 16 years of age. The people who suffered this accident were actually in their relation. His Mother told him about the incident that happened to those people.
He decided to help those people by getting some help.
He decided to help them get the compensation from Hema Malini.

On 9th July (6 days after accident) he decided to follow up and got an idea, he searched for some information about Hema Malini contact. He somehow got her Secretary Phone number (as she was a MP, he got it from government website where the number was mentioned)
He called but didn't get any response from the number. But the very next day, around 9-10 am he got a call from Hema Malini's secretary and asked for the concern. A told everything about the family(actually the family was not financially that good) how they are suffering.

The secretary ensured A that this will be taken care by Hema Malini Mam. The very Next day, A received a call from Hema Mailini's secretary that they will help in every aspect. He said that they are coming very next day to see the Victims and asked A to reach there too.

The very next day, Hema Malini wth her secretary reached Lalsot and spent time with the victims. A and his Father too reached there.
Hema Mailini ensured them for the Compensation of around Rs.20 lakhs.

(Although he cannot help them return their daughter back, but could give some support financially with this help).

A is truly an inspiration to we people. The thing he'd done at such a age truly need a salute.

We are proud of you!
Isn't this thing a Bravest thing one can do!

Edit 1 :- Thank you guys for such overwhelming response. This mean a lot to him (A).

Let's give him a thumbs for his awesome efforts by sharing this story to everyone. 🙂

Edit 2 :- To all those people who are saying will those 20 lacs could help them recover her daughter loss, then it's obviously no. Those can only help them get medical assistance just because they were not financially good.

Edit 3 :- I'm proud to say that he is my second cousin who did all this

Edit 4 :- To all those people who considered this incident and bravery to be a fake one. People this is not a fake one, it all happened secretly and they all didn't want this to be shared with much people. I shared only the incident and bravery part, there's a lot more that is too hidden to me.

Edit 5 :- He Upvoted! The Brave Cousin Upvoted this answer. Thanks!

What is the bravest thing you have ever seen someone do?


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