Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of?

Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of? by Aashish Jaisimha

Answer by Aashish Jaisimha:

Do you find it difficult to work out every morning?

Do you think dieting is too hard?

Can you stay away from hospital and medicines, your entire life?

Meet Nanammal, from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She is just 97 years old.

Nanammal is a yoga enthusiast who still goes about her morning exercises as if she were in her teens, and is inspiring an entire generation to take up the practice. Perhaps the country's oldest yoga instructor, the lady, who has rejected offers from several yoga federations across the world on account of not knowing English, recently even attempted a Guinness record! She talks to DC about her daily routine and how practising yoga can bring magic to one's life.

Nanammal's day starts with –

  • Wake up at 4.30am and drink half a litre of water.
  • brush teeth with neem sticks.
  • breakfast- she only has Ganji that is made of millets (raagi, kambu, thinai or kuthiraivali)
  • Teach yoga for the rest of the day.

She has over 600 yoga students across the world. Though she taught yoga in her house, Nanammal was recognised way back in 2003 when she first attended a yoga competition. She has later attended 100s of competitions.

Watch – 97 Year Old Nanammal (Yoga Teacher)

Nanammal is a living inspiration to everyone. When we cry about moving our lazy ass, we need to think about Nanammal.

People might crave for Salman Khan type body. I crave for her type body.

PS: We might run behind the western world wagging our tails, but at the end, Indian ways (yoga, brushing teeth with neem etc) are the best 😉

Image source: Google images

Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of?


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